Kristine Arellano

Founder of Presshaus LA

Presshaus LA has a wait list and there’s a good reason for it. Kristine Arellano is a letter-pressing genius who first honed her craft in Munich, Germany at an old-school printing studio. She set her foundation the analog way, wood + metal type and a single master-mind printer who taught her everything.

Upon returning to LA, Kristine stuck to her analog roots and founded Presshaus LA where she prides herself on turning digital ideas into tangible goods. In her world, it’s not just about wedding invites & business cards, she is innovating the printing process by using quirky materials. From mirror-like paper to optical illusions, it’s easy to mistake Kristine for a magician. |  @presshausla



We asked Kristine to chose a word that ends with -ity that best represents her.

Quality! Do it the right way even though it’s the long way.




We profiled Kristine to find out her must-carry items.

  • Paper! All kinds - paper samples of different thickness + colors
  • Mini vaseline
  • Mini ruler
  • Mini WD-40
  • Quoins + lock key Sharpie
  • White eraser
  • Cotton webril pads
  • “Exit” soap- stubborn ink
  • Phone
  • Popsicle sticks (ink)
  • Exacto
  • Sand paper strip
  • Tape

illustrations/motion by @merylrowin