A complete NBA season is 82 games. With all of that travel, you can imagine there's a big need for ways to carry gear on and off the plane, and in & out of the gym. Creative Artists Agency represents three dozen emerging and All-Star NBA players. Each year CAA curates a special gift for their player-clients and this year we were tapped to make this exclusive gift. They selected the Roundtrip Duffel because of it's "versatility, beautiful quality, and the generous amount of space for their large shoes." Each duffel boasts 30 liters or 8 gallons of interior space. The charcoal leather is veg-tanned in Italy, starts smooth and "softish," then personalizes with age. Each meticulously handmade by heritage leather artisans in Los Angeles and includes an I.D. Tag with their respective numbers stamped in gold. 

These Roundtrip Duffels were gifted to NBA players this past week in New Orleans. Here's the good news, we made 3 extras to gift to our community. We'll give them later today before the game starts. To qualify, do each of the following: (1) Repost any of the pictures below (high resolution pics here) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. (2) Tag each post with @thisisground and #tigroundtrip. (3) @ mention your favorite player, team, brand, journalist, or friend in your post. We'll randomly select winners from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook then announce the winners on those social sites as well.

In case you want to just buy one now or after the contest, use code NBAALLSTARS for the next 24 hours at checkout for our community deal.